Two New Rihanna & Chris Brown Collaboration’s

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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna celebrated her birthday with the release of two Chris Brown collaborations.

Three years after Brown was charged with brutally assaulting her, the pair have teamed up for remixes of Brown’s Fortune track ‘Turn Up The Music’ and Rihanna’s Talk That Talk track ‘Birthday Cake.

Rihanna celebrated her 24th birthday on February 20th in London where she also released not one, but two songs with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. First up was Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music’…

In the song (listen below), taken from Brown’s forthcoming album ‘Fortune’ Breezy sings…

“Girl I wanna f*ck you right now. Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body. Let me turn the lights down, when I go down it’s a private party. Ooh, it’s not even her birthday but I wanna lick the icing off. Give it to her in the worst way. Can’t wait to blow her candles out.”

Rihanna adds…

“Remember how you did it, if you still wanna kiss it, then come and get it.”

On the same day, Chris also tweeted (and Rihanna retweeted) a link to the full remix of Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’, which Brown features on…

Although the link has since been removed, you can listen to the track here…

LISTEN: ‘Turn Up The Music’ and ‘Birthday Cake’

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