Rubberbandits Hilarious Music Video ‘Fellas’ Released

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Rubberbandits Fellas Music Video

Rubberbandits hilarious new music video ‘Fellas’ has been released online.

Famous fans of the VERY NSFW song already include Stephen Fry and Russell Brand.

Irish comedy hip-hop duo, The Rubberbandits, have released a hilarious new music video online.

The comedic new tune, Fellas, focuses on the stigma of homosexuality and features a puppet played by Gabriel Byrne.

The filthy NSFW track begins with a family friendly opening,

“We only get one shot upon this green Earth and the only thing you’ll get to be, is you. And there’s people who won’t like ya ‘cause of how you feel inside ya. It’s sad to think about it, but it’s true. But you have to do the things that make ya happy, you have to be what you were born to be (that’s right). So this one’s for the fellas who’s been asking themselves questions, maybe I could answer them for you.”

Here are some of the censored lyrics from fellas,

“If you wanna *uck a fella, just go out and *uck a fella
There’s a million *uckin’ fellas you could choose
And if a fella says “hey fella, you should not be *uckin’ fellas”
Maybe he should go and *uck a fella too.”

Fellas has already attracted some famous fans on Twitter including Russell Brand and Stephen Fry.

Fry tweeted,

Brand’s tweet reads,

“Always listen to @rubberbandits one day their prophecies may free us all”.

Check out The Rubberbandits’ hilarious new (VERY NSFW!) music video, Fellas, on Youtube here…

Source: Irish Mirror

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