Will Blaine Have A New Boyfriend On Glee’s Final Season?

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Blaine's New Boyfriend is Max Adler on Glee's Final Season

An old face is coming back, as news has broken that Max Adler will return for Glee’s final season.

Adler will be returning for at least four episodes of Glee’s final 13 episodes.

Now this is a shocker for Glee’s upcoming final season! Blaine’s new boyfriend may just be Max Adler. Yes, the Max Adler that played closeted school bully, Dave Kravosky.

THR is reporting that Adler will appear in at least 4 of Glee’s final 13 episodes and will likely be romantically linked to Blaine. Which is confusing to Gleeks, as Blaine is supposed to be forever linked to Kurt.

This could all make sense, as Ryan Murphy has stated that this final season will feature a time jump and likely a new location away from New York City.

“The final season is really its own story and its own location, and while the New York stuff will be alive, the final season is not New York-centric at all.”

Murphy further explained his vision for the final season,

“It really [will be] a lovely, fitting season that … dwells on the original people that were on the show and what happens to them and how they give back. There’s a return of the Jane-Matt characters in a big way. It’s really interesting, a very sweet, satisfying ending to the story.”

As for where this will leave Kurt and Blaine, you’ll have to wait to watch the final season, which still doesn’t have a premiere date.

Will you be on board for Blaine’s new boyfriend on Glee? Or are you forever a Klaine Gleek fan?

Watch this dramatic Glee moment featuring former school bully and potential new Blaine boyfriend, Dave Kravosky.

Source: THR

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