Top 10 Gay Wedding Proposal Videos

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gay wedding proposal videos

We’ve spent hours watching gay wedding proposal videos and have narrowed it down to these top 10.

There’s flashmobs, singing, lots of surprise cameos along with tons of tears, so grab the tissues…

Here at rukkle, we love a good cry, especially when it’s tears of joy! We’ve spent hours online looking for the best gay wedding proposal videos and put together our top 10. There’s flashmobs, on stage proposals, heartfelt family and friend comments, and a ton of big ol’ tears.


This video features an elaborate gay wedding proposal that Lucas did for his boyfriend David. There’s a ton of outdoor dance numbers in this one.

If you’re going to propose, you might as well do it with one of music’s biggest superstars. In this gay wedding proposal video, watch this guy propose on stage at a Mariah Carey concert.

Now this one’s too cute. Gary surprises Karl by proposing to him on Pride Night at Kings Island, where they had first met 10 years prior.

We’re going global with this gay wedding proposal. Solomon put together a flash mob gay wedding proposal for his boyfriend in the middle of South Korea.

Filippo puts together a surprise proposal for his partner featuring a number of heartfelt cameos from their family and friends.

This creative gay sat his fiance-to-be in front of a computer and then captured him watching a video featuring many family and friend. Yes, it ends with him proposing in person.

The entire Google London office helped their fellow employee Shaun in this gay wedding proposal video. He invited his boyfriend (Michael) to lunch and then surprised him by having a group serenade him with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.”

A surprise proposal at your own surprise party? That’s what happens in this gay wedding proposal video. His boyfriend throws him a surprise party, so he decides to surprise him with a wedding proposal.

This one involves a flashmob, a solo song, and then finally a gay wedding proposal. Actor Patrick Stiles gets his musical theatre friends together to do a flashmob, then he sings a solo, and then proposes.

Frank Marino has been performing for over 25 years in Las Vegas. His grand finale is interrupted by his partner of 20 years, Alex Schechter, joining him on stage with a surprise. He plays a slideshow of their 20 years together and then proposes in front of the entire audience.

Those were our top 10 gay wedding proposal videos, what are your favourites? Did we miss any? Tell us about your favourite gay wedding proposal videos in the comments or tweet us @rukkle.

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