10 Gay Print Ads That Will Make You Proud Of The Mad Men

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Top Gay Print Ads

rukkle has created a list of our top gay print ads.

The ads from such brands as, Gap, Absolut, Ray Ban, and Chevy demonstrate their support for the LGBT community.

When you think of brands that include Gap, Absolut, Ray Ban, and Chevy – do you think they reflect the LGBT community? We’ve taken a look at a number of print ads created by these brands and more to investigate…


With this simple ad, Oreo announced in 2012 that they were all about gay inclusivity.

Gay Print Ads - Oreo



Perhaps in a bid to recapture the days of the 90′s, when they were always on trend. Gap began a series of print ads featuring same sex couples.

Gay Print Ads, GAP


JC Penney

JC Penney faced controversy over this Father’s Day print ad featuring these real-life dads and their children.

Gay Print Ads, JC Penney


Ontario Tourism

This print ad from Ontario Tourism features two gays at Pride and comes with the supportive tagline of ‘keep exploring.’

Ontario Tourism


Ray Ban

Ray Ban used the tagline, Never Hide, to show their support for the LGBT community. Each print ad featured real life stories submitted to their website.

Gay Print Ads, Ray Ban


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt’s new electric car came out to its parents with the quote, “Mom, Dad, I’m Electric.”

Gay Print Ads, Chevy



Stonewall presented its simple message of gay acceptance towards anyone against the LGBT community.

Gay Print Ads, Stonewall



Absolut celebrated 30 years of support for the LGBT community with this fun and outrageous print ad.

Gay Print Ads, Absolut


Nobelt Pajamas

It’s hard to decipher if this really old ad was a subtle nod towards same-sex relationships or is merely an innocent gathering of three men in their pajamas.

Gay Print Ads, Nobelt


Las Vegas Tourism

Las Vegas takes a playful tone in this gay print ad that lets straights know that they’re welcome to visit too.

Gay Print Ads, Las Vegas Tourism


Take to the comments or tweet us @rukkle with your thoughts on our list of top gay print ads. Which ads would you add to the list?

 Jay rukkle
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