Top 10 Gay Honeymoon Destinations

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Gay Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a gay wedding takes a lot of effort, but let’s not forget about the honeymoon.

We’ve put together a list of highly recommended gay honeymoon destinations to get your preparations off to a great start.

Congratulations to you if you’re here because you recently got engaged! You’re entering what is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable periods of your life.

The average wedding takes at least a year to plan and generally involves a TON of effort. So much so, that sometimes the honeymoon planning can take a back seat.

In plenty of time for your forthcoming nuptials, we’ve put together a list of our top gay honeymoon destinations to help get your creative juices flowing…

Cape Town

Gay Honeymoon Destinations, Cape town

Cape Town is bathed in sunshine for much of the year, which makes it the perfect spot for your honeymoon. As well, Cape Town is considered to be the most gay friendly city in Africa. You have many options here like hiking it’s rugged terrain, enjoying its beautiful beaches or taking a day trip through wine country.

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Gay honeymoon Destinations, Paris

In 2013, France passed its gay marriage laws, so we suggest your plan your gay honeymoon in Paris. You will have access to the world renowned tasty french cuisine, beautiful architecture and amazing nightlife.

Tip: Select a hotel near one of Paris’ beautiful sites (i.e. Eiffel Tower) to ensure that late night romantic strolls are on the itinerary.

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Gay Honeymoon Destinations, Kyoto

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, skip over the busy streets of Tokyo for the more tranquil city of Kyoto. A honeymoon in Kyoto is the ultimate cultural experience for those seeking a relaxing trip.

Tip: We highly recommend visiting during the Spring, so that you can partake in the beautiful cherry blossom season.

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St. Bart’s

Gay Honeymoon Destinations, St Barts

Sadly, the Caribbean Islands produce a lot of homophobia, but St. Bart’s is the exception and has even legalised gay marriage.

St. Bart’s is perfect for those who want to celebrate their nuptials by tanning themselves on the beautiful white sand beaches and swimming in the crystal clear blue oceans.

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Gay honeymoon Destinations, Mykonos

The Greek island of Mykonos has a thriving gay scene with a ton of clubs and gay friendly hotels. The main town, Mytilini, is a beautiful city with winding streets and churches to visit.

Tip: Be sure to visit Mykonos any time of the year besides February and March. These are the only two months that it rains, otherwise, you’re looking at 300 days of pure sunshine.

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Tel Aviv

Gay Honeymoon Destinations, Tel Aviv

Did you know that named Tel Aviv the gayest city on the planet in 2012? That’s reason enough for us to recommend it for your gay honeymoon destination in 2015.

Tel Aviv is the place to be if you want to go full out, 24 hours a day. You can party until dawn, then sleep on the beach and then do it all over again.

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Gay Honeymoon Destinations, Phuket

Have you gone way over on your wedding budget? Fret not about the honeymoon. Head to Phuket, where a little bit of money can get you a lot of luxury.

Tip: If you tire of the party lifestyle of Phuket, you can always escape to the Andaman Sea Islands and enjoy this peaceful alternative to the club life on Phuket.

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Gay Honeymoon Destinations, Sydney

Sydney has long been a favourite of gay travellers and makes for a perfect spot for your honeymoon. Here, you have access to Sydney’s famously LGBT friendly nightlife, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (including clothing optional one’s), and a ton of culture for those foodie couples.

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Puerto Vallarta

Gay honeymoon Destinations, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city that can be found on the Pacific coast of Mexico. If you want to treat yourself, then we suggest heading to Puerto Vallarta for your gay honeymoon.

It has a number of gay friendly all inclusive resorts, so that you can focus on boozing, dining and relaxing with your new husband!

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Gay Honeymoon Destinations, Provincetown

Provincetown is a small US resort town that has attracted gay travellers for decades. It boasts a ton of great restaurants serving fantastic seafood dishes. There’s also a vibrant gay nightlife to keep you dancing the night away.

Tip: Its high season is definitely May to September and during this time you’ll find a number of beautiful trails and beaches to walk along.

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Are you getting married this year?

Have you chosen your honeymoon destination? If not, which one of gay honeymoon ideas will you be selecting?

 Jay rukkle
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