Top 15 Gay Vloggers On YouTube

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Best Gay Vloggers, Davey Wavey and Tyler Oakley

We love watching the latest videos from our favourite gay vloggers on YouTube.

Our top 15 gay vloggers include Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Tyler Oakley, Will and RJ and Davey Wavey.

We don’t know about you, but we spend hours watching videos on YouTube. And of course as a leading LGBT website, much of our time goes towards watching the best gay vloggers YouTube has to offer. Here’s our top ten picks from around the world…


V-Squared (aka Luke and Vinny)

Best Gay Vloggers, Luke and Vinny, V Squared

Youtube Bio: Hi there! We’re Luke and Vinny; married for two years, living in the UK but starting a new adventure in America! Vin is from New York and Luke is from England and we had a long-distance relationship for 7 years. Here you’ll find videos about our life and our relationship.

What We Love About Them: Luke and Vinny are super cute and we’ve loved watching their relationship blossom over the years.

Most Popular Video: Husband Tag


Wickydkewl (aka Davey Wavey)

Best Gay Vloggers, Davey Wavey

YouTube Bio: I’m Davey Wavey and I want to share my love with you. :-) If you like my videos, please subscribe!

What We Love About Him: With nearly 600 videos under his belt, Davey Wavey has covered almost every gay related topic possible. Plus, we love that he often includes hot boys and is usually shirtless!

Most Popular Video: My Guilty Pleasures…


GayGod (aka Matthew Lush)

Best Gay Vloggers, Gay God, Matthew Lush

YouTube Bio: Your new gay best friend. Everytime you don’t subscribe, a gay baby turns straight. Do it for the gaybies!

What We Love About Him: While we enjoy GayGod on his own, we really tune in for the relationship between Matthew and Nick (NickaLaws). They started documenting their journey from day 0 and many months later, they’re still together!

Most Popular Video: Las Vegas Strippers… Literally


Troye Sivan

Best Gay Vloggers, Troye Sivan

Youtube Bio: That guy from the songs/movies/videos/australia.

What We Love About Him: Troye has grown up on YouTube. From the age of thirteen back in 2007, Troy has been sharing videos and successfully building an enormous musical career for himself.

Most Popular Video: Waxing My Legs With Zoella

Latest Album: Blue Neighbourhood [Deluxe Edition]

Russ Marine

Best Gay Vloggers, Russ Marine

Youtube Bio: Your Favorite Gay Marine! Hello my name is Russ I’m a United States Marine, but I’m also Gay.

What We Love About Him: Russ is definitely our favourite gay marine. We appreciate that he shares his experience about being openly gay in the military plus how he readily answers fan questions.

Most Popular Video: How To Tell If They’re A Top Or Bottom


MarkE Miller

Best Gay Vloggers, Mark E Miller

YouTube Bio: YouTube filmmaker, coffee drinker, mama’s boy, brother, boyfriend. Our website!

What We Love About Him: Ever since posting his coming out story in 2012, we’ve been tuned into MarkE Miller’s weekly-ish video updates. Every week, he shares the moments of his life, whether funny, sad, or even boring alongside his boyfriend Ethan Hethcote.

Most Popular Video: Awkward Kissing

Best Gay Apps Banner

Tyler Oakley

Best Gay Vloggers, Tyler Oakley

YouTube Bio: Here you’ll find plenty sassiness and beauty and fabulousness! Subscribe if you want new videos every Tuesday and Friday in your subscription box!

What We Love About Him: Tyler is a mega star on YouTube with over 7 million subscribers and over 500 million views. We love him for his sassiness, quirky humour and his brilliant collabs/guests.

Most Popular Video: The Photobooth Challenge (ft. MirandaSings)

Latest Book: Binge


Mallow610 (aka Dan Brian)

Best Gay Vloggers, Mallow610

YouTube Bio: Hi, I’m Dan. I vlog and do videos with my amazing boyfriend Brian. If you enjoy it please subscribe!

What We Love About Him: We’ve already included him in our best coming out videos feature, but we stay to watch his continued journey through life, especially with his boyfriend Brian.

Most Popular Video: Coming Out – Live


Connor Franta

Best Gay Vloggers, Connor Franta

YouTube Bio: Hello there. My name is Connor. I create content ranging from lifestyle vlogs to comedy skits to inspiration films and upload it to this channel every Monday. Subscribe & enjoy whatever my mind comes up with!

What We Love About Him: Connor always brings the creative. Whether he’s giving you ‘A Guide To The Perfect Instagram‘ or ‘Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs‘ he always has something interesting to talk about and he delivers it all in his uniquely funny and charming way.

Most Popular Video: British vs America: How We Do It

Latest Book: A Work in Progress: A Memoir


What The Buck? (aka Michael Buckley)

Best Gay Vloggers, Michael Buckely

YouTube Bio: Hi! Welcome to my channel! I make videos about pop culture M-F! I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe! Thanks for reading and watching! My bio used to be very clever and then I realised no one likes a clever bio. LOL

What We Love About Him: As big entertainment news fans we love the daily ‘What The Buck?’ videos that skewer pop culture. He’s always topical, hilarious, and talks faster than anybody that we know.

Most Popular Video: Justin Bieber Kissing Girlfriend Jasmine!!! – Demi Hates Joe! – GLEE Season Premiere!


Pano T

Best Gay Vloggers, Pano T

YouTube Bio: hahahaha we have fun

What We Love About Him: We love Pano for his carefree attitude and confessional type videos. You really never know what this guy will take (rant) about next…

Most Popular Video: My Coming Out Story


Joey Graceffa

Best Gay Vloggers, Joey Graceffa

YouTube Bio: Hey! My name is Joey! I vlog every single day! LETS BE NERDS TOGETHER! Buy my book “In Real Life” now

What We Love About Him: We’ve loved following Joey’s life journey over the past couple of years, a journey which he candidly shares in his regular video updates such as his ‘coming out story‘.

Most Popular Video: Don’t Wait – Official Music Video

Latest Book: In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World


shep689 (aka Will and RJ)

Best Gay Vloggers, Will and RJ

YouTube Bio: Welcome! We are Will and RJ, a gay couple interested in demonstrating just how normal gay life can be. Subscribe to see what happens tomorrow! (in short, it’ll probably just be Chipotle, Zelda, kikis, Pokemon, the gym, Harry Potter, and cute snuggle time. and more Chipotle.)

What We Love About Them: We love how sincere, honest and totally up front these guys are about almost every aspect of their lives. A great example is this powerful video entitled ‘We Need To Talk‘, which the guys released in 2015.

Most Popular Video: We’re Engaged!


Riyadh Khalaf

Best Gay Vloggers, Riyadh Khalaf

YouTube Bio: Irish – Slightly delusional – Occasionally annoying – Intrigued by everything – Easily entertained – Enjoys constant glorification.

What We Love About Him: He’s Irish. He’s intelligent. He’s Funny. He’s Honest.

Most Popular Video: Mom Reads Son’s Grindr Messages

Nick Laws

Best Gay Vloggers, Nick Laws

YouTube Bio: But I can’t help it that I’m popular. Subscribe so I can be more popular than the plastics. New videos posted every Wednesday!

What We Love About Him: Nick Laws is tons of fun. Whether he’s playing with sex toys, or looking for a new boyfriend, Nicholas always brings to lolz!

Most Popular Video: How To Be Gay


Which of our top 10 gay vloggers do you enjoy watching on YouTube? Who did we leave off the list that you’d like to see on it? Leave your comments below or tweet us @rukkle.

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