The 9 Best Coming Out Videos Online

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Tom Daley, best coming out videos

rukkle has put together its list of the best coming out videos available online.

The list includes a number inspiring individuals and celebrities that have come out.

Ellen Page recently came out at a conference and through a video that’s gone viral and been shared numerous times on social media. rukkle decided to watch a number of coming out videos and presents its list of the best coming out videos available online.


1. Ellen Page

Ellen Page - best coming out videos

Ellen Page made her coming out speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time To THRIVE conference. She spoke honestly about her experience in Hollywood and feeling that she couldn’t be her authentic self. The crowd gave her a standing ovation for coming out at the conference.

Watch Ellen Page’s coming out video.


2. TheRealAlexBertie

TheRealAlexBertie, best coming out videos

YouTuber TheRealAlexBertie decided to acknowledge the rumours of him being transgender in a coming out video. In the video, he explains that he came out to his Mom the previous week via a letter and was now coming out to his audience.

Watch TheRealAlexBertie’s coming out video.


3. Tom Daley

Tom Daley Boyfriend, Interview with Jonathan Ross

British Olympic diver, Tom Daley, revealed to the world that he was in a relationship with a man through a YouTube video. He posted it online, sent a tweet to his followers, and quickly his coming out video went viral.

Watch Tom Daley’s coming out video.


4. Kayla Kearney

Kayla Kearney, Best coming out videos

Kayla Kearney was a senior in high school, when she used her school’s annual Martin Luther King Jr assembly to come out to her classmates.

Watch Kayla Kearney’s coming out video.


5. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster Coming Out

As ambiguous as it was, Jodie Foster, used her acceptance speech for the Cecile B. Demille award at the 2012 Golden Globes to officially come out.

Watch Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.


6. Dan (aka mallow610)

Dan mallow610, best coming out videos

Dan (aka mallow610) captured himself nervously preparing for his Mom to come home to tell her that he was gay. She arrives home worried that something was wrong, as he asked what time she’d be arriving at. After much prodding, he finally reveals to her that he’s gay.

Watch mallow610′s Coming Out Live video.


7. VivaLaRevolution18

VivaLaRevolution18, best coming out videos

Her original video was taken down at her Mom’s request; however, YouTube member VivaLaRevolutin18 revamped and reposted her coming out video. She tells hilarious anecdotes about her experience coming out to her family and friends.

Watch VivaLaRevolution18′s Having a Gay Olde Time video.


8. Straight Celebrities Come Out…As Allies

NOH8 Campaign, best coming out videos

Finally, in a bit of a twist on the coming out theme. A number of celebrities in partnership with the NOH8 campaign produced a coming out as allies video.

Watch the NOH8 campaign’s coming out video.


9. Bonus Coming Out Videos

Best coming out videos

Want to watch a number of coming out videos in a limited time? Watch myISH run down his top 7 coming out youtube videos.

If you’re still unsure about coming out, let rukkle and Diana Ross offer you some musical inspiration.

What’s the best coming out video that you’ve seen?

 Jay rukkle
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