This Weeks Best And Worst Pop Culture Junk

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Playful Hillary Clinton photobombEvery weekend, we open the rukkle recycle bin…

And for one last time before emptying that b*tch, we revel in the weeks best and worst pop culture junk!

In the rukkle recycle bin, you’ll find our selection of the best (and worst) of this week’s pop culture trash including funny pictures, movie images, celebrity photos, tweets and MUCH more!

Did we miss something? Be sure to drop off your trash in the comments section at the end.

For Your Consideration: Katie Holmes For Best Actress

Katie Holmes in The Wedding Contract movie
Source: BuzzFeed

Miley Cyrus Gets Her 15th Tattoo

Miley Cyrus gets 15th Tattoo in July 2012
Source: MTV

The Most Epic Cat Versus Dog Photograph Ever

Cat Punches Dog
Source: Flickr

Hillary Clinton Gets Playful

Playful Hillary Clinton photobomb
Source: Huffington Post

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Have Been Busy Playing

With the children…

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds playing with children

And each other…

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds kiss

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First Official Image Of Ben Whishaw As Q In Skyfall

First official image of Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall
Source: Total Film

Nicki Minaj and Kanye West… Cleveland Show Style

How Nicki Minaj and Kanye West Will Look on The Cleveland Show
Source: Vulture

Liam Hemsworth Throws a punch on set of ‘Empire State’

Liam Hemsworth throwing a punch on the set of Empire State
Source: Celebuzz

Here’s What Women Think Christian Grey Looks Like

What Women Think Christian Grey Looks Like
Source: BBC

Peter Jackson Unveils New ‘Hobbit’ Poster On Facebook For Comic-Con

The Hobbit Comic Con 2012 poster
Source: Facebook

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