This Weeks Best And Worst Pop Culture Junk

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Pregnant Snooki pushing a baby stroller full of beer and alcoholEvery weekend, we open the rukkle recycle bin…

And for one last time before emptying that b*tch, we revel in the weeks best and worst pop culture junk!

In the rukkle recycle bin, you’ll find our selection of the best (and worst) of this week’s pop culture trash including funny pictures, movie images, celebrity photos, tweets and MUCH more!

Did we miss something? Be sure to drop off your trash in the comments section at the end.

A Handy Katie Holmes Mask

Cut Out Katie Holmes Mask
Source: Team Katie On Facebook

New Images From The Hobbit

Still image from the upcoming Hobbit movie
Source: Collider/EW

How You Know Snooki Will Be A Great Mother

Pregnant Snooki pushing a baby stroller full of beer and alcohol

Quentin Tarantino Fans Spot Ultra-Geeky Reference In New Django Unchained Trailer…

Geeky Tarantino reference in new Django Unchained trailer
Source: Imgur

A Handy Guide To What ‘Meow Means

What Meow Means
Source: Surviving The World

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First Look At Matt Damon In Elysium

First Look At Matt Damon In Elysium

Zac Efron Celebrates Fourth Of July Shirtless in St. Tropez #YoureWelcomeLadies

Zac Efron shirtless in St. Tropez, July 2012
Source: Celebuzz

New International Poster For The Bourne Legacy

New international poster for The Bourne Legacy

First Look at Naomi Watts as Princes Diana

First Look at Naomi Watts as Princes Diana
Source: Empire

Lindsay Lohan Dresses Like Cleopatra For Elizabeth Taylor Biopic

Side by side comparison of Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor as Cleopatra
Source: People

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2 Responses to This Weeks Best And Worst Pop Culture Junk

  1. Satsuma66 November 17, 2012 at 5:25 am

    none of these films will be a success, actresses: one is, the other has no idea what it means, in the case of the film of the life of Liz Taylor, Lohan is not an actress, she is a u00a0problem maker woman, All she knows to do is get drunk and u00a0be a bad example; clothing of this production looks cheap and tasteless; Liz was one of the best dressed women in Earth, elegance and poise were significant part of her presence, the jewelry she used, the best, only she knew how to wear a blouse with a simple Legins and look radiant, classy and beautiful. people sould ignore that Lohan, she is ordinary and low profile person and her beauty went away long time ago, if she ever was…there is too many people out there waiting for a chance to act, pleople with talent, but Hollywood always pick up the worse; this is sad, movies are getting worse every day, there is nothing left to see when you go to the theater.

  2. Satsuma66 November 17, 2012 at 5:28 am



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