5 Character Traits Snooki Will Share With Her Baby

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SnookiRumour has it that our little Snooki is pregnant!

But what will Mom and baby have in common? Hair colour? Skin tone (God forbid)? No, no, MUCH more…

The world stood back and held a collective gasp at the news this week that Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi may in fact be pregnant with her first child.

Despite denying rumours of a pregnancy in early February, sources close to Snooks have said that she is three months along.

According to TMZ, the Jersey Shore star had initially denied early reports of her pregnancy so she wouldn’t jinx it.

So what will mom and bub have in common? Much more than you might have first thought. Here’s our Top 5…

1. Both Will Make This Noise For Attention

2. Both Will Slip And Fall A Lot

3. Both Will Struggle With Learning English

4. Both Will Be Gassy

5. Both Will Enjoy The Odd Piggy Back Ride…

Each for very different reasons!

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