Gay Twins Come Out To Their Dad In Emotional YouTube Video

Gay Twins Come Out To Their Dad In Emotional YouTube Video

Watch as YouTube twins Austin and Aaron Rhodes come out as gay to their dad in an emotional video.

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Real Agenda

In a recent story, Ellen faced some scrutiny about her message to young people. She addressed her critics head-on.

Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss On ‘All The Little Things’ At TEDx Dublin

Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss tells TEDx how happy she is to be gay, but how envious she is of straight people.

What If Straight People Had To Come Out?

In a humorous role reversal video, ‘If Straight People Had To Come Out’ shows the struggle of what it’s like to come out.

Chilean Clothing Company ‘La Polar’ Pulls Ad Featuring Same-Sex Kissing

In Chile, the clothing company La Polar showed same sex couples kissing in an online advert, though then appeared to suddenly remove it.

Zac Efron Shows Off Circumcised Penis In Comedy Central Clip (SFW!)

The Workaholics Guys come up with an intimate method of interviewing applicants for a free spot in their cubicle.

Watch The Hilarious ‘Ex-Gay Dinner Party’ Sketch

A group of ex-gays gather for a dinner party and ring a little bell anytime they accidentally revert to their old ways.

A Powerful Speech About The Oppression Of Gay People

Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss (Rory O’Neill) takes to the stage of The Abbey Theatre in Dublin to deliver a powerful speech about homophobia in Ireland.

Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Portia De Rossi With A New Car

Portia de Rossi had always wanted a Land Rover Defender, so Ellen found the car as a gift, left it in a car park and filmed her wife’s adorable reaction.

Celebrating The Heroic Women Of 2013

Bing, the Microsoft-owned search engine, has released an ad devoted entirely to “Heroic Women of 2013.” LGBT women and their allies are abound in the video.

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