Whoopi Goldberg on Anti Gay Laws in Uganda and Nigeria

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Whoopi Goldberg anti gay laws

Whoopi Goldberg has released a video commenting on anti gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria.

In the video, Whoopi Goldberg has a message to the leaders in Uganda and Nigeria.

The Human Rights Campaign tweeted that it has released a video featuring Whoopi Goldberg commenting on anti gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria.

Here’s the tweet,

In the video, Goldberg states,

“It isn’t right to imprison someone for who they are, for who they love. It isn’t right to tell people they shouldn’t be able to speak up for equality.”

She specifically addresses the Presidents of both Uganda and Nigeria,

“…I have a message for the presidents of Nigeria and Uganda: you are on the wrong side of history.”

Watch the video showing Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on anti gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria.

Source: HuffPo

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