Village People Lead Singer Won’t Sing Y.M.C.A at Olympics Protest

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Village People Lead Singer Victor Willis

Victor Willis, lead singer of the Village People, will not perform Y.M.C.A. to protest Russia’s anti gay laws.

Activists suggested playing the song at Sochi Olympics as a form of protest, while the Americans were introduced in the opening ceremonies.

Activists want to respond to Russia’s anti gay laws by playing the gay anthem, Y.M.C.A., as America’s athletes are introduced during the opening ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics.

Victor Willis, lead singer of the Village People, states that he won’t perform the song as a protest. As well, that the song isn’t even meant to be a gay anthem,

“The words were crafted by me to be taken any number of ways but not specific to gays. It’s much broader than that. The song is universal. I don’t mind that gays think the song is about them but I won’t perform the song in support of any protest.”

Watch the video to YMCA below

Source: HuffPo

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One Response to Village People Lead Singer Won’t Sing Y.M.C.A at Olympics Protest

  1. Clarice January 6, 2014 at 12:24 am

    Well, he worte the lyrics. So he ought to know what was meant by them. The current Village People are not even the orignal group. No where in his quote does he make reference to them.


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