Neon Trees’ Lead Singer Tyler Glenn Comes Out As Gay

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Tyler Glenn

Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn has come out as gay in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

Glenn says that he’s known that he was gay since childhood “but it was never an overwhelming thing” until his twenties.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn has come out as gay. He confirmed the interview in a tweet,

In the interview, he explains that he’s known since childhood, but it intensified recently.

“I had my crushes on guys throughout high school, but it was never an overwhelming thing until my twenties. Then I’d be dating girls and in love with my straight friend and it was the worst feeling in the world.”

Glenn is a Mormon who admits that he was conflicted during their support of the Prop 8 movement.

“We were always taught, and I hate this word, ‘tolerance.’ The only time that felt different was when the Prop 8 thing came up,”

Recently, Glenn has been inspired by the number of people being open about their sexual orientation,

“I really love all of the sports figures that are coming out recently. I appreciated Michael Sam was like, ‘I want to be able to go to the movies and hold hands with my boyfriend.’ Even hearing him say ‘boyfriend,’ I was just like, that’s cool.”

Neon Trees is prepping for the release of their upcoming third album, Pop Psychology.

Watch the Neon Trees’ video for their hit single, Everybody Talks.

Source: Rolling Stone

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