Orange Is The New Black Writer Lauren Morelli Discovers She’s Gay

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Orange Is The New Black Writer Lauren Morelli

Orange Is The New Black writer discovers she’s gay, while working on the show.

She was recently married, but suddenly began to question her sexuality as she wrote Piper’s journey.

A writer on Orange Is The New Black discovers she’s gay, while writing the lead character, Piper’s sexual journey.

In an article she wrote herself, Lauren Morelli, states,

“Five months after my wedding, I flew to New York to start production on my first episode of Orange, and from that moment on my life fell into a parallel rhythm with Piper’s story in a way that went from interesting to terrifying in a matter of months.”

She said that the staff on the set even presumed she was gay,

“‘You’re so gay!’ people exclaimed gleefully and often in the writers’ room those first few months.

As she became closer with the writers, she began revealing intimate thoughts and memories,

“I eagerly shared details of innocent, ‘above-the-waist’ flirtations with girls when I’d been younger. I’d even excitedly blurted out, ‘I would totally sleep with her,’ about an actress who had auditioned for Alex.”

As time went on, she finally had to ask herself,

“I was finally forced to consider a question that had never, ever occurred to me before: Holy shit, am I gay?”

After searching online and within herself, she discovered the answer to that question.

“I am now out to my family, my friends and most of my co-workers on Orange (and now to you, dear reader)”.

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Source: Policy Mic

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