Mass Wedding At World Pride 2014

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Mass Wedding At World Pride 2014, Cindy Su and Lana Yu

A mass wedding featuring 120 couples is set to take place at World Pride 2014.

The mass wedding will have couples from around the world including couples from Taiwan and Australia.

World Pride 2014 is having a mass wedding that is expected to feature 120 couples at Casa Loma. The nuptials will take place in a glass pavilion and the expected 800 plus guests will be treated to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the gardens of Casa Loma.

Many couples are coming from countries where same sex marriage is illegal.

Cindy Su and Lana Yu are from Taiwan and met four years ago through a mutual friend. Su is excited for the mass wedding,

“Toronto Pride will mark the beginning of our new life.”

Su added that,

“We thought ‘Why not celebrate and get married in a city where this kind of love is most celebrated?’”

Su and Yu are planning on having a child, which is illegal for same sex couples in Taiwan. Yu says that they’re ready to fight though,

“I’m not afraid of anything anymore because I know Cindy is with me and we’re going to have our kids and form a family.”

Richard Laslett and Colin Gunther are traveling from Australia for the mass wedding. The two have been together for 37 years and moved in together after only one week.

Laslett shared their reasons for participating,

“It’s something I always wanted to do, but you can’t do it in Australia anyway.”

The couple is legally registered as a couple in Melbourne and have essentially the same rights as heterosexual couples in the city. Laslett states that,

“The whole thing is upsetting, because they’re essentially arguing that marriage is all about procreation. It devaluates everyone’s marriage when not making it about commitment and love.”

Gunther is excited to let people know about their marriage,

“When I get back, I’m going to put it in the paper that we got married. We belong to the same society. I’m not going to force it down people’s throats, but I’m certainly going to let them know.”

Source: Toronto Star

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