Lisa Kudrow: Gay Men Are Biologically Superior

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Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback

Lisa Kudrow has argued that gay men are biologically superior to straight men.

The actress best known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in ‘Friends’, will reprise her role as Valerie Cherish in HBO’s ‘The Comeback’ in November.

During a recent interview with PrideSource, in which she recalled that gay men were the first people to appreciate the cult comedy, The Comeback, actress Lisa Kudrow spoke about how she thinks gay men are also “superhuman”…

“When The Comeback first came out, I think that gay men were the only ones who were like, ‘Yes. I understand. I get it. It’s great, and I understand,’…

…I studied biology and the brains are anatomically different. They just are. There’s a stronger connection with the corpus callosum (in gay men). The two sides of the brain communicate better than a straight man’s, and I think that has to be really important. They’re not women – they’re still men – and women also have thicker corpus callosums, so I think it’s the combination of those qualities that makes them like a superhuman to me.”

HBO has revealed a full-length trailer for ‘The Comeback’ season two in which Kudrow plays faded television star Valerie Cherish, who is offered a part in a new show.

Source: PrideSource

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