Iconic Designer Tom Ford Married His Partner Of 27 Years

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Tom Ford married to David Buckley

Tom Ford has announced that he has married his partner of 27 years.

Ford and his partner, David Buckley, have a 2 year old son, Alexander.

Iconic fashion designer Tom Ford married his partner, David Buckley, after 27 years together.

Ford shared that,

“Richard, my partner of 27 years, had also gone through something also quite tough in his life. We are now married which is nice. I know that was just made legal in the UK which is great; we were married in the States.”

Ford and Buckley met at a fashion show many years ago. They moved in with each other only 4 weeks into their courtship.

The married couple expanded their family in 2012 with the addition of their son, Alexander. Ford commented that being a parent has changed his ability to be naked around the home.

“I used to spend most of my time at home naked, but now we have a child it means we have a nanny and so I can’t come downstairs naked and have a bowl of cereal in the morning. Before I had a child I literally took off all my clothes the minute I walked in the door.”

Source: Huffington Post

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