Dutch Politicians Use Grindr To Win Votes

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Jan-Bert Vroege

Two Dutch politicians are using Grindr to win votes in an upcoming election.

They believe that using new technology is a good way to connect with voters.

Two Dutch politicians, Jan-Bert Vroege and Pieter Rietman, have created Grindr profiles to win votes in a local election in Amsterdam.

Both are part of the D66 party, which was an early supporter of liberal policies in the Netherlands (i.e. gay marriage, euthanasia, and drug tolerance).

Openly gay Vroege explains his reasons for using Grindr,

“We are very fond of new technology and new media. We are also into making Amsterdam a lively gay destination – and using Grindr we can get that message to all the gay people of Amsterdam.”

The municipal election will be held in a few weeks and Vroege believes Grindr has aided his campaign. He states,

“We’ve been doing this for two days, and in the first night I got 35 connections… People thought this was a great way to bring attention to the elections and D66.”

Source: HuffPo

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