Gay Pride 2014 – The Top 10 Pride Festivals Around The World This Year

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Gay Pride 2014, Toronto

Gay Pride 2014 has arrived. It’s time to march in a parade, dance until dawn, and get to know your fellow gays.

rukkle researched them all and narrowed the list down to the top 10 pride festivals for 2014…


Toronto Pride – World Pride

Gay Pride 2014, Toronto

Toronto has been described as one of the most diverse cities in the world. This year, Toronto is the pride to attend as they’re hosting World Pride with Melissa Etheridge headlining the entertainment festivities. The week long festivities culminate with their massive pride parade that attracts over a million people each year.


Sao Paulo Gay Pride

Gay Pride 2014, Brazil

Sao Paulo has hosted a gay pride parade since 1997 along Paulista Avenue. In 2006, Guinness World Recorlds named it the biggest pride parade in the world. In 2009, estimates are that 3.2 million people attended the parade. The event is a massive affair supported by federal and local governments who arrive each year to open the main event.


Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Gay Pride 2014, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is such a beautiful city that knows how to do pride right. Every year, they host an annual pride parade that attracts over a 100,000 people. Few would dispute that this city is one of the hottest in the Middle East and it packs a mean Pride celebration to prove it.


San Francisco Gay Pride Festival

Gay Pride 2014, San Francisco

Long recognized as one of the gayest cities in the US, San Francisco puts on a fantastic gay pride festival. San Francisco Pride with over 200 groups marching in their parade, 300 exhibitors, and parties/events at over 20 venue is the largest gay pride gathering in the US. Along with their pride festival, there’s the dykes on bikes, hip hop entertainment, and ton of gorgeous eye candy.


Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

Gay Pride 2014, Sydney

Back in 1978, police revoked a permit for a pride parade and subsequently arrested 51 people. Sydney now hosts one of the largest gay pride celebrations in the world with the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Instead of a one day parade or a week of events, this gay pride goes on for 3-4 weeks.


Amsterdam Gay Pride

Gay Pride 2014, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Gay Pride offers something completely different – a parade through a canal. One hundred decorated boats sail through the Prinsengracht river, while over 350,000 people watch each year. Prior to the grand Canal Parade, pride partygoers can enjoy a ton of events, concerts, street parties, and sports tournaments throughout the weekend to show their pride.


CSD Berlin

Gay Pride 2014, Berlin

Christopher Street Day (CSD) Berlin has close to 200 events and is definitely one of Europe’s largest pride events. It consists of a month long festival filled with parties and events that play to pride participants differing tastes. The festivities conclude with a parade put on for over 500,000 spectators.


Phuket Gay Festival

Gay Pride 2014, Phuket

Phuket hosted their first gay festival and parade in 1999 and it become a quick hit with both locals and tourists. The annual Gay Festival is held in Patong and is colourful, eccentric, outrageous, and of course, lots of fun. The events features parties, competitions, quizzes, parades, and participants dressed in extravaganza costumes.


Gay Pride London

Gay Pride 2014, London

Gay Pride London strives to present an inclusive experience for its diverse participants. The events feature a ton of parties, concerts and cabarets, sporting events, films, food, and of course, the parade. The Pride in London Parade takes place on the Saturday, where over half a million participants head to the centre of London to enjoy the spectacle.


Shanghai Pride

Gay Pride 2014, Shanghai

Due to political circumstances, there is no parade during Shanghai Pride. Don’t let this damper your excitement for it though. Shanghai Pride features a number of picnics, film screening, art shows, and much more that’ll offer you a fun and thrilling pride celebration.


What gay pride 2014 celebrations will you be attending this year?

 Jay rukkle
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