Best News Podcast – The Top 5 Gay News And Culture Podcasts

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Best News Podcast team Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade Team

As part of our gay podcast directory series, here we take a look at the best news podcast creators.

From the daily news podcast ‘Big Gay News’, to the UK’s most popular gay community podcast, HomoLAB, here are our top five gay news and culture podcast recommendations.

For more recommendations, check out our full gay podcast resource page.


Big Gay News

Best News Podcast - Big Gay NewsBig Gay News is a daily 5-10 minute podcast covering world headlines from an LGBT perspective.

The podcast is produced by Minneapolis-based Lavender Media Inc. and is hosted by Pierre Tardif.

If you want to get a daily update on what’s happening in gay news around the world, this podcast is all you need.

The links you need:

Big Gay News On iTunes
Big Gay News Official Website



Best News Podcast - HomoLABHomoLAB is the UK’s most popular gay community podcast.

The weekly podcast, hosted by Amy Lamé, Baylen Leonard & Lucio Buffone is best described as a cultural and current affairs podcast that is “full of swank, spit and sawdust!”

Their special guests range from the off-beat to the world famous and the team generally cover anything interesting in news, lifestyle, arts, culture and celebrity.

The links you need:

HomoLAB On iTunes
HomoLAB Official Website


Throwing Shade

Best News Podcast - Throwing ShadeThrowing Shade is a weekly podcast that discusses gay rights, women’s issues, pop culture and politics. The show is hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi.

Bryan Safi is an Emmy Award-winning writer and performer living in Los Angeles and you might know Erin Gibson as the writer and host of TV Show ‘Modern Lady’.

Each episode consists of a series of topical comedic dialogues plus occasional interviews with notable guests.

Their main focus is assessing current issues “affecting ladies and gays,” dissecting each topic with sass and humor accompanied by an earnest passion for defending civil liberties.

The links you need:

Throwing Shade On iTunes
Throwing Shade Official Website


Ramble Redhead

Best News Podcast - Ramble RedheadRamble Redhead is produced in Indiana by… Ramble Redhead!

The podcast features interviews with people who are in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community.

Nominated for several podcast awards, Ramble Redhead brings you “stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and it will make you think about gays in general and how we can make this world a better place for us all.”

The links you need:

Ramble Redhead On iTunes
Ramble Redhead Official Website


Gay Sunday Brunch

Best News Podcast - Gay Sunday BrunchJim Ver Steeg hosts GSB Radio where he covers interesting and entertaining LGBT news and hosts regular interviews.

Although GSB Radio is currently on hiatus, you can continue to enjoy over 100 episodes in the iTunes library.

Jim also promises that if there is big breaking news, or if he just needs a break from grad school, he’ll be back from time to time with new episodes!

The links you need:

Gay Sunday Brunch On iTunes
Gay Sunday Brunch Official Website


What do you think of this list?

Who do you think makes the best news podcast? We’d love your feedback; if you think there’s a podcast we should add or a podcast we should remove, let us know! E-mail us by clicking here.

For more recommendations, check out our full gay podcast resource page.


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