Tupac Sex Tape Starts Bidding War

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A sex tape featuring rapper Tupac Shakur has started a 6 figure bidding war!

Tupac Shakur

The five-minute tape, shot in 1991, shows the rapper being pleasured orally while rapping and dancing.

It didn’t take long for negotiations to heat up between the seller of a reported Tupac Shakur sex tape and potential buyers.

According to TMZ, two major porn companies have made substantial six-figure offers to the owner of the tape, which features the rap icon receiving oral sex from a woman while he’s rapping, drinking and smoking marijuana at a party (more details below).

One potential buyer, Corey Price who heads up YouPorn, has made an official offer of $150,000, but according to a source close to the tape’s origin, the seller believes the bid is “way too low.”

The Tape – Photo Stills

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Source: TMZ

The Tape – Full Details

The tape was shot in 1991 at a house party with a bunch of groupies. Tupac, whose head is shaved in the video, starts off by pulling one of the women in the tape towards him and she begins pleasuring him.

Tupac continues to dance with a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in the other while the woman is servicing him.

TMZ says, “The woman never stops” no matter what Tupac is doing at the time and they also reveal that Money B from Digital Underground also appears on the tape. He reportedly walks over to Tupac whwo extends his arm around him and continues singing and dancing, with the woman still doing her thing!

At the end of the tape, TMZ reports it looks like Tupac is ready to carry the activity to another level, but it stops and it is unclear if another tape exists that shows the rest of the event.

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