MissTravel.com Promises Hot Girls A Free ‘Ride’

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Misstravel.com Lady“Who needs money? Beautiful people travel free.”

That’s the motto of MissTravel, a new travel dating website that pairs wealthy men with beautiful women.

MissTravel.com breaks it’s members down into two groups: those who are “attractive” and those who are “generous”, describing themselves as…

“the only online dating website for travelers, and more specifically, we match Generous travelers who hate to travel alone with Attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free.”

I think Jezebel described this entire business beautifully when they called it “the dating website where rich people take pretty people on fancy vacations, which is 100% definitely not prostitutey at all”.

Brandon Wade, the site’s founder has told ABCNews.com that as of April 25th, the site has 16,000 members. This is quite impressive for a site that launched just two weeks ago!

Wade said the site’s caught on for “lots of different reasons, primarily because of the allure of travel”. He also said the premise, beautiful people travel for free, has piqued interest.

The breakdown of members so far, he said, is 70 percent “attractive” and 30 percent “generous.” Of the 30 percent generous members, 99 percent of those are men.

MissTravel also features an incentive system where generous members can gift the attractive members with frequent flyer points which they can redeem for airline tickets and hotel rooms.

So despite the fact that the site purports itself as just another online dating service looking to help singles find love, as Jezebel points out…

“you can eventually “earn” enough “points” to be able to go on a real trip all by yourself? That’s the prize? Getting the fuck away from these dudes? (And/or ladies? I guess?) That’s reeeeeeeeeally taking the long way around, you guys. You could just, you know, get a regular job.”

No matter what MissTravel says, this is an escort site. And while you can say that technically everyone is getting what they want… tell that to your slightly naive daughter or sister, who winds up 10,000 miles away from home with a rich stranger and realises she doesn’t want to put out anymore.

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